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Cold Weather
Most of the usual chicken breeds do pretty well in the cold weather (below freezing, even), but expect egg production to dramatically decrease or stop while it is cold and dark. As long as the fowls are protected from excessive wind and exposure, they’ll be OK (for instance, don’t leave lots of open wire mesh windows in the coop — cover them with plywood or plexiglass or something).

Plexigass is nice as a window cover because it is durable and allows sunlight to enter, giving some solar gain during the day (but it is a bit more expensive).
One other important item concerning cold weather: frozen water. The water in the waterer will freeze into a block of ice when it drops below freezing. One solution to this is to get a heated base for metal water heaters.

This is essentially an upside-down metal pan with a cord that plugs into a standard socket. Place the metal waterer on top of the base and it will keep the water unfrozen. Unfortunately, you have run an extension cord out to the coop to provide power during the winter months.

This kind of heater works great, but a a metal waterer if preferred owing to its better thermal conductivity. I have used both plastic and metal, and the plastic container does have iced-over water in the trough if it gets very cold, but not enough to keep the chickens from having any water at all.

The metal never has these issues. More evidence that a plastic waterer will work is seen in pictures taken by chicken expert Terry Golson of her coop which shows a plastic waterer on top of what appears to be the heater.

If, on the other hand, you have a smaller waterer and want use a canning jar with a screw-on plastic base (and forget the heater), be sure not to use a glass jar (use a plastic one instead). The glass will crack when the water freezes and expands, and then you have shards of glass in your coop.

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2 Gallon Chicken Waterer – Horizontal Nipple Setup (4 Nipple)

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Little Giant Galvanized Hanging Feeder, Round

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