Pawhut Metal Chicken Nesting Outdoor

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Your chickens will love their new home if their new home is a spacious chicken coop from Pawhut! Pawhut coops are the best in the business offering a myriad of options so that you can select the one t… Read more…

Automatic Door Option
How about an automatic door?
This option is expensive but very handy, especially if you plan to have your chickens outside for any length of time. It basically frees you from having to open the coop door in the morning and close it up at night. I have used the Wells Poultry VSB automatic door with light sensitive opener (opens at dawn, closes at dusk).

It works great and hasn’t run out of battery power in a couple of years. I built a little wooden roof over the sensor piece so it wouldn’t get rained on, and I added a plexiglass front cover over the sensor so rain and snow wouldn’t get in there either.
If the chickens are outside during the day, the chickens will automatically come home to the coop to roost for the night when it gets dark. So you won’t have to track them down and catch them every night.

It might be a good idea to keep them inside the coop for a couple of days if possible or manually put them into the coop if they don’t get the picture on the first few nights until they realize that this is home. They may start roosting in the trees when they first start living in the coop.
If you need to catch a chicken and get it into the coop at night, it is better to wait until it is dark out. While it is light, the chicken will run around and away from you and can be quite difficult to catch (unless it is used to being held a lot and then is easy to catch and hold).

Once it is dark, it won’t run around but will sit there hoping it won’t be seen. You can approach the chicken with a flashlight quietly and it will stare at you while you shine it in its face. Then when you are ready to get hold of it, make the grab fast and tight (secure). It’ll freak out when you grab it, but just hold tight for a second and it will pass. Then you can put the chicken in the coop.

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