New Age Pet EcoFLEX Fremont

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The ecoFLEX Fremont Chicken Coop is an all-in-one coop and pen with optional extension pen. Perfect for 1-2 birds. Pull out tray for easy cleaning. Two roosting bars. Coop door for extra security. Loc… Read more…

Easy and Cheap Tips and Tricks for raising Backyard Chickens

Are my chickens eggs safe to eat? Yes! As long as they have a good diet, fresh water, and clean coop, there is nothing to worry about. The only thing that would make you sick from eating chicken eggs is Salmonella, but you are more likely to get this from eating eggs you buy at the grocery store because those eggs probably come from factory farms, which are very unsanitary. Factory Farms treat the animals poorly, for they only care about production. Your eggs are safe to eat. The yoke will probably be a deeper yellow, because they are natural, but they will taste so much better.

Is it Illegal to have backyard chickens? It all depends on where you live, and the laws for your state.

What is an easy way to clean the run of my chicken coop? Honestly, if your chicken coop is just on grass, the grass will probably be gone in about a day or two and you will be stuck with dirt and feces. I put my whole chicken coop on stepping stones, like the type you may see in a garden to create a path. This way, I just lift up one end of the coop by propping two corners up on bricks, and hose off the floor or the coop. In this case, my chickens don’t have grass, so I bring them out into their outdoor pen for about five hours every day.

Why clip my chickens wings? Clipping the wings just means cutting a little bit off the first few feathers on the wing, making it harder for them to fly. I like to just clip one wing, so that they fly sideways. You should clip their wings every few weeks, or whenever they fly out. But, if you have nothing for the to fly out of, then there is no reason to clip their wings that often. And no, it doesn’t hurt unless you clip too deep. I would suggest just using an old pair of scissors, and cutting about an inch off the first four feathers. It works if you spread out the wing.

New Age Pet Fremont Chicken Coop Extension Pen, Tan

New Age Pet ecoFLEX framed Fremont Coop Extension Pen w/Stainless Steel Mesh. Frame made from ecoFLEX, an eco composite resistant to moisture, warping, cracking and splitting. Long lasting without mai…


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