Confidence Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop

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A chicken tractor is some form of portable pen you use to keep chickens in or near your garden where they are most beneficial. A chicken tractor which is sometimes called as an ark or mobile coops. The portable pen serves to protect them from weather and predators, while containing them in the area you want to improve.
In exchange for your care and feeding, they are more than happy to provide weed and pest control and fertility for your lawn, garden or orchard. Even without the final product of meat or eggs, the chickens have paid for their keep.

The chicken coop concept has little to do with tractors, really, but more to do with being “in traction” or being pulled in the direction of soil health and food self-sufficiency. The portable pen serves first of all to house and shelter your chickens.
A chicken tractor is a multiuse, benefit project that is do-able at almost any level of skill and knowledge. You can build a simple pen today and start using it tomorrow. Perhaps you have just one or two hens to provide a limited supply of eggs for your table.
Or, on a larger scale, you might be raising poultry for sale to earn part of your living. Either way, and at many levels in between, you can utilize chicken tractors. Even if you dont eat eggs or poultry, you can still enjoy the benefits of the system by growing pullets (young egg layers) for sale to your friends who do eat eggs and poultry.

Listed Price: $139.99

From the Confidence rabbit hutches on the market, this 62-inch model is best suited for owners with multiple pets. The vast size of the hutch has a large enough run area for more than one pet to play … Read more…

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